CHAPTER 4: Subscriber Services

Subscriber Services

This tutorial is designed to assist current and potential subscribers understand the process of subscribing, subscriber benefits, and technical support.

To access a county's Appraisal Assistant©, you must be logged in and have a valid subscription for that county. PROPERTY RECORDS PRESERVATION, LLC handles the subscriptions.

Subscriber Benefits
With a subscription, you can access the Appraisal Assistant© as often as you like. There is no time limit besides that of the expiration date (i.e. when your subscription is up). You have access 24/7 to the counties you subscribed to.

The Appraisal Assistant© will remember several of your preferences, such as what search categories appear on your search form, and how your search results are displayed. You can change these preferences when you are logged in. You can browse through results with a simple click of the mouse button. If the parcel has an improvement (building) you can view the sketch and/or photo if they exist.

The Appraisal Assistant© will even allow you to save seven parcels of your choice, which you can then compare. These parcels remain even after you log out.

Customer Support
PROPERTY RECORDS PRESERVATION, LLC provides outstanding Customer Support for our subscribers. For website problems, assistance with searches, billing or account questions, please contact our office. We are available to you Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. We are here to serve you.