CHAPTER 2: State Website Organization

State Website Organization

A state website contains information appropriate for that state. This information includes data update.

State Home Page Menu

State Home Page Header/Menu

The State Home page is used to navigate throughout the state's website. There are six State Home page menu items.

Like the home page menu, clicking on one of these main menu items will replace the sub-menu on the left side of the screen with its own sub-menu. It will also replace the center part of the screen with the appropriate content.

Contacts Page

The Contacts page lists the phone numbers, address, and office hours of each office contact.

Handbook Page

The Handbook page is a site tutorial for Select the items you are interested in by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Updates Page

The Updates sub-menu is for displaying last update date of Counties in the State. It also shows if the county has Mapping data, Photo or Sketch.

Subscribe Page

Click SUBSCRIBE menu item will direct you to USAssessor subscription service website.

Log In Page

The Log In menu is an area to type your user login and password. Type your user login in the Login box, type your password in the Password box then click the Log In button. If your login and passwords are correct, you will be immediately logged into the website.