CHAPTER 11: Appraisal Assistant© : Using the Menu

The Appraisal Assistant Menu is the key to moving around the Appraisal Assistant. The only thing appearing on the menu (besides your login are and subscribed counties list), when you first go into the Appraisal Assistant, is the "Search" button. This button is the key to starting the Appraisal Assistant. Clicking the "Search" button starts a process discussed in Chapter 6: Search. After you start adding Subjects and Comparables more items appear on the menu.

Appraisal Assistant Menu

This button will open the search page and clear any previous search criteria.

This button will open the search page, keeping your previous search criteria.

The "Get Comparables" button will appear once you have saved a Subject. Clicking on this button will bring up a Results List page (discussed in Chapter 7: Using Search Results) with comparable parcels. This parcel list is populated with parcels that have sold and meet criteria based on your Subject. This is basically a quick way to obtain Comparables, but it is often more useful to do a manual search if too many or too few parcels are listed.

The "Compare" button will appear once you have saved at least one parcel to your menu, whether it is the Subject or Comparable. It is useful when you have at least two parcels saved on your menu. Clicking this button will bring up the Compare Page discussed in Chapter 9: Comparing Parcels.

This button will show up in the menu using the same rules as the "Compare" button. Clicking on it will open a Comparable Worksheet in a new window. See Chapter 9: Comparing Parcels for more details.

Once you have at least one Comparable saved on your menu, this button will appear. Clicking it will remove all Comparables from the menu.

Once you have obtained results from a search via the Search Results page, this button will appear in the menu. Clicking it returns you to the Search Results page. If your Search Results was several pages long, clicking this button will return you to your list.

This button will appear after you have viewed a parcel's detailed information page. Clicking it will take you back to that parcel's info page.

Mini Parcel Panel
Saving a Subject or Comparable adds the Mini Parcel Panel for that parcel to the menu. It contains the Parcel ID, Owner's Name, Building Icons (Residential, Mobile Home, Commercial, and Agricultural in that order), Sales Date and Price (if any), Sketch and Photo buttons (if any), and the Remove button.

The number under the Building Icons denotes the number of buildings of that type on the parcel. The Sketch and Photo buttons are discussed in Chapter 10: Sketches and Photos. The Remove button removes that parcel from the menu.